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The story behind our logo and how to use it


Primary Logo

97 switch logo

Our primary logo is the full horizontal wordmark featuring a ‘switch’ inside the number 9. The visual metaphor of the switch is the central theme of our brand identity. We wanted to create a feeling of ease – smooth, familiar, calm, and understated – while also delivering something fresh and unexpected.


Logo Variations

97 Switch

Only use the secondary format when space is limited. The primary logo format is preferred for most graphics.



Clearspace around the logo to equal the height of the s.

97 Switch Use 1

Clearspace exceptions

Social icons are an exception to the clear space guidelines.



We designed our logo to scale to small sizes across platforms.

97 Switch Logo Scale



The logo should be white on darker backgrounds and black on lighter backgrounds.


Behind the name

Written by Jeremy Greenberg, founder of 97 Switch

Jeremy Greenberg | 97 Switch

I first decided to name my company “97 Switch” while I was reading Walter Isaacson’s book Steve Jobs. In the year 1997, Steve Jobs came back to Apple as the interim CEO. In doing so, he provided the necessary ‘switch’ Apple needed to get back on track to create some of the most important products in history.

Our name and logo’s meaning is all about staying focused on the future: to help businesses make necessary changes to keep them moving forward. We are continuously looking for ways to provide the ‘switch’ needed for the people and businesses we work with.


Logo Typeface

The logo typeface is Ageo, a geometric sans serif font comprised of clean, warm characters that are easy to read. The curvature of the letterforms and slightly rounded edges give the minimalistic font just enough quirky friendliness to reflect our brand’s warm personality.

97 Switch Ageo



Spacing out the letterforms and incorporating the ‘switch’ metaphor. See the initial gridlines guiding the wordmark.

97 Switch Construction



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