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Our Story

Written by Jeremy Greenberg, founder of 97 Switch


What felt like out of necessity, I started a marketing agency

I was 24 and had recently lost my marketing job at a hotel company. As a result, I needed a new purpose and an income. At first, I applied for jobs, however, I didn’t like waiting for companies to tell me that I could start working.

I knew a couple of people who needed small projects done, so I got to work. And I ended up loving it.

Jeremy Greenberg | 97 Switch

Seeing Opportunity

From my past experiences working in digital marketing, I knew there was an opportunity to be more transparent and offer more extensive services than I had seen other digital marketing agencies provide. I knew I could do better. This was the idea I started 97 Switch with and continue to strive to maintain every day.

Initially, I did almost all of my work at my kitchen table. After a while, I longed for a sense of community, so I joined a coworking space in downtown Chicago called Grind.

Chicago 97 Switch

Launch Pad

My presence at Grind became an incredible launch pad for 97 Switch. Grind was a coworking space that was filled with many other new businesses and people doing similar types of work. It provided a wonderful network of people—in fact, many of my mentors and our first clients came from Grind.

While a part of Grind’s coworking community, I heard about WeWork opening its doors in Chicago. I decided to sign with WeWork months before their first space in the city opened. 97 Switch was able to join WeWork’s first location in Chicago on May 1, 2015. We stayed at this location until that space closed indefinitely on December 30, 2020. Like Grind, WeWork introduced us to wonderful people. Many people from this WeWork space have become friends and clients who have referred us to new businesses.

For years, I was the only full time person at 97 Switch. As a result, I learned how to handle and work on larger projects and how to properly set expectations for myself and others whom I was assisting.

Jeremy Greenberg | 97 Switch


Who we are today

97 Switch is an award-winning Chicago digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing, web design and strategy.

We take great pride in our relationships with people. We operate with the understanding that it’s all about being good to others in everything we do.

We show this by delivering the best service possible to our partners. We hear what people say and take action based on what they need. Being good to people is a foundational part of our business and we will not compromise it for anything.

97 Switch Team

Our team

Our team is made up of people who care. We care about one another, our partners, and the people who experience our work. This gives us the foundation to be infinitely curious and hard working. Because we care, we stay ahead of the curve and perform high quality services.

We work with a variety of businesses providing B2B and B2C services. Many of the businesses we work with are in Chicago, but we also work with organizations across the United States.

97 Switch Team River Photo


About Chicago/Midwest

97 Switch is headquartered in Chicago and is an ideal home for us because the city has hardworking, Midwestern roots in a fully dynamic big city.

In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed the city’s Central Business District. Despite this, the city grew exponentially, rebuilding after the fire left most of the downtown in ruins.

The growth that the city experienced after the Great Chicago Fire symbolizes and portrays the strength of Chicagoans. Over the years, the city’s residents have shown a spirit of creativity and hard work, always seeming to find a way to keep moving forward despite trials and tribulations.

That is what makes Chicago an ideal home for 97 Switch.

97 Switch | Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago


Looking to the future

As 97 Switch moves forward, our commitment to making people happy will remain. Our understanding is that helping others to the point that they are happy is challenging, and our commitment is to keep that standard.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Rebranding | 97 Switch

How we operate

The way we will make people happy is by communicating at a high level, being transparent with everyone we are working with, offering services that bring value to organizations, and truly caring about people.

We know as the world changes, our services and the people we work with will have to continuously adapt. Our curiosity and eagerness to change with the world is what will allow us to stay relevant and productive for the people we are supporting.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Rebranding | 97 Switch
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