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6 Ways To Maximize Your Digital Time | 97 Switch

6 Ways To Maximize Your Digital Time

It is easy to fall behind, and so you must strive to always plan strategically. The incessant, pounding pressure of the clock is especially prevalent within the digital marketing field.

Utilize these tips as a guide towards maximizing digital efficiency and schedule opportunity:

  1. Define your Audience – Start from the basics: who or what is your target and why? Once you’ve established your goal, work to deliver what your audience requires of you. Think of the questions and concerns they may have, and seek to organize your answers accordingly.
  2. Rethink Content – It takes two for a proper conversation; stop lecturing and start discussing. Think, ask, listen and comment (and repeat). Real dialogue can be captured anywhere, from human interaction to social media engagement.
  3. Get Customer Reviews (and lots of them!) – Enable your customers to become your best salesmen. The power of a referral, whether in person or online, is critical. Therefore, instead of focusing on selling, focus on achieving great work, and let your relationships be your advocates.
  4. Create an Email List – It is always easier to retain a current customer than to find a new one. Work towards strengthening your relationships and extending them beyond a single sale or service. Always keep the dialogue going, and email is a great tool for maintaining contact.
  5. Track your Progress – If something is not working, let data demonstrate the error. By tracking information, you will gain knowledge towards better strategizing initiatives and enabling success.
  6. Enjoy the Digital Journey – life is hard…make it easier by having some fun. Find ways to make every digital feat personalized to your style. Not only will your direct personalization make your product better, but your happiness and sense of intimacy with your work will lead to the greatest and most worthwhile use of your time.

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Jeremy Greenberg
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