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7 Ways to Maximize Marketing Output

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

The greatest designs are both easy to use and understand. In a sense, they just click, thus garnering success.

Here are 7 ways to enhance digital marketing output by use of these critical design features:

  1. Websites – you must choose a design that is simple enough for a customer to read and navigate. To help, create a site that is responsive to the screen size. Responsive web design adjust according to screen size, thus making it accessible and clear on computers, tablets and phones.
  2. Social Media – Avoid talking about yourself… it can get dull. Imagine how many friends you would have at a party if all you did was talk about yourself [Not Many!]. Rather, show profound interest in others. This curiosity makes proper engagement more probable. When conversation is directed towards topics that your customers and followers are excited about, the social media outlet is fired up with activity. Use interactive pictures and stick to both short and simple text.
  3. Email – Do not hard sell. If your product is good, it will sell. Have faith and trust your product. A marketer’s job is to get people to notice the customer’s products and services. Try vague subject lines that say almost nothing: subject lines that yield the greatest open rates create a sense of mystery. For example, “2014 New Look” – it’s short, yet establishes a sense urgency to dig deeper.
  4. Search Marketing – Google no longer likes when sites fill keywords – it prefers websites that naturally speak to customers. Be true to your product: your customers will appreciate the steadfast nature, and search engines will reward you.
  5. Mobile – For every digital action you make on a desktop, test it first on your mobile device. Make sure your development works as well as or better on mobile devices than it does on a computer.
  6. Change – Stop guessing, and let data guide you. Find opportunities with Google Analytics on your website and digital ads. Take advantage of Admin Insights on Facebook. Create similar subject lines that yield optimal open rates and content that shows the highest click through rates by email.
  7. Education – Listen to others, and learn from them. Spend time researching the latest trends and engaging in conversation with knowledgeable people. You will gain insight into valuable design techniques that are proving to be successful for others and can aid in strengthening your own platforms.

Jeremy Greenberg
Web Designer

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