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Defining and Designing Your Project

Before building a website, it’s important to clarify your vision, budget and goals. Prices, templates and features can all vary, and certain ones are better than others in promoting your brand’s awareness and voice.

Take charge of the building process and define your needs with these targeted questions:

Who is my audience?

Should your website represent today’s modern, high-energy, youthful spirit, or rather an older, more traditional voice? What age demographic are you targeting? Are you hoping to connect with more creative or analytical types?

Defining your audience will allow you to effectively design your website’s outlook in order to reach the right people, over the right platforms, and for the right purposes.

What features and functions do I want to include?

Feature and function options are endless; there are photo galleries, forums, social media outlets, plug-ins, E-commerce features, videos and various other marketing tools that can all drive more traffic to your website and enhance your brand’s message.

However, it’s important to define the purpose of each feature and function to determine its worth on the page. Adding in too many attributes without a clear vision as to what the benefits are may actually backfire, overwhelming the viewers and muddying up the design. Keeping a website sleek, sophisticated and baring only the essentials will relay your message to potential clients in a clear, concise and professional manner.

Discussing the essential features with your web designer and sketching a clean image together will both quicken and refine the design process.

How complex is my project?

Does your website need to be linked with additional sites? Do you need to transfer old documents, articles, photos and videos over to the new site manually? Taking these factors into account will help generate a reliable timeline for the project’s finishing date.

What domain will your site be hosted under? What graphics are needed outside of your logo? What colors schemes will match your logo well? Visualizing some of the design aspects ahead of time will help your designer build according to your preferences.

Creating a sitemap can be extremely helpful in determining the complexity of a project. Similar to a tree diagram, it will clearly outline the main pages of the website and the progression of steps and page redirections the viewer would encounter upon navigation.

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