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Listen to Learn

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix

I used to think that impressing others with my personal prowess, whether it be on digital marketing, volleyball or memorization of every quote ever cited from Entourage, was the key to success. While my knowledge of the ever-changing digital world is important for building trusted relationships with clients, the ability to listen–to both my clients and the digital world–is what really shines.

When I carefully listen and learn from my environment, I grow. I gain knowledge of newfound trends and rapid shifts in digital media and insight into how best to adapt and benefit my clients. Yet, distractions are everywhere and thus maintaining focus can be challenging. Therefore, it is vital to train the brain and improve in ability to take in and store data from both clients and the digital sphere.

All members of a team benefit from listening and learning. Regardless of position, level of expertise or age, we are all valuable components of a company’s success and both supply and absorb new information. Furthermore, listening to one another will increase personal awareness of how to best utilize your strengths in order to add value.

Try asking your partners these 5 questions. Zone in and listen to each word: you’re bound to learn!

1) What is your objective?
2) How do you define success?
3) By what current method have you found growth, and are you satisfied with it?
4) When do you find the biggest obstacles, and how do you overcome them?
5) Where do you see opportunity for improvement, and what measures will you take?

Jeremy Greenberg
Web Designer

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