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Think Like A Baby

“Make no mistake about why these babies are here – they are here to replace us.” – Jerry Seinfeld

We’re all babies. Babies are eager to learn and develop, and they use all of their senses to understand the world. We adapt to and absorb life’s offerings, and we can acknowledge that other people know certain things that we have yet to learn. For this reason, it is wise that we approach those who are better informed with fresh, young minds.

Digital marketing requires the playfulness and curiosity that babies exhibit. Babies learn to eat, crawl and communicate. The greatest workers in a company have accomplished the ability to crawl, but they must continue to climb to new and exciting heights. They must persevere to reach the peak of success. The digital world’s use of search and social marketing is key to propel growth and allow companies to both observe how others operate these tools and how they, themselves, can come out on top.

Here are 5 tips for moving up:

  1. Learn to crawl before you can walk
  2. Keep your eyes open to all types of people and ideas
  3. Let others help you, and use their feedback to influence personal growth
  4. Take each opportunity as a new adventure and be persistent in achieving success
  5. Live with emotion – laugh, think and cry regularly

Jeremy Greenberg
Web Designer

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