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Mobile Doorman | B2B real estate software company revamps digital strategy

Mobile Doorman | B2B real estate software company revamps digital strategy


Acquired in 2021

Tools Used

Google Ads

Acquired by Zego in 2021, Mobile Doorman was an industry-leading creator of custom resident apps for multifamily communities across the United States. Their custom resident apps helped operators create a digital connection with their residents using a reliable, user-friendly tool that empowers them to live smarter. The apps helped property owners manage efficiently, improve retention, and boost their bottom line.

Mobile Doorman came to us with the desire for a dynamic digital marketing strategy. Their marketing team required more bandwidth and expertise to assist their digital marketing efforts. Our engagement ended with their successful merger with Zego in 2021.

Mobile Doorman’s Goals

Mobile Doorman’s goals included increasing marketing qualified leads for their sales team and transitioning from being primarily focused on sales to taking advantage of digital marketing. Before Mobile Doorman came to us they were trying to define their digital marketing strategy, and their internal marketing team—which consisted of one person—needed additional expertise.

Strategy and Analytics Reporting

To start, we implemented an analytics reporting system for Mobile Doorman. We focused on creating weekly and monthly analytics reports so that their team would be able to directly track growth, as well as any improvements that needed to be made. Our reports include metrics such as website traffic sessions, bounce rate, cost per click, cost per acquisition, and qualified leads. Additionally, we developed a routine of weekly strategy calls and monthly strategy meetings to facilitate communication between our teams.

Mobile Doorman Digital Marketing Strategy | 97 Switch

“97 Switch serves as a valuable member in developing strategies and marketing content that produces results.

Their expertise, adherence to deadlines, and constant communication stand out.”

Will Clanfield, Director, Residence Experience Marketing at Zego (Previously Senior Director of Marketing at Mobile Doorman)

Mobile Doorman | 97 Switch
Mobile Doorman Digital Marketing Strategy | 97 Switch

Digital Ads

Mobile Doorman wanted to attract potential customers and compete with online competitors by using digital ads. We focused the budget on Google Ads after testing it and finding higher ROI Compared to Facebook and LinkedIn. We researched keywords, installed appropriate tags on their website and linked their HubSpot account in order to develop the most effective advertisements. We then created and tested a variety of ads, extensions, and personas, and developed a Mobile Doorman landing page to strengthen the overall ad strategy.

Digital Advertising Results

The results from Mobile Doorman’s new ad strategy were almost instantaneous: site user traffic grew in our first full month working together by 41%. Along with an increase in website users in the first month, Mobile Doorman also generated about 50 unique leads on the site—a significant boost compared to previous numbers.

Mobile Doorman | 97 Switch

“97 Switch helped us improve our paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google. They set up accounts to drive more inbound leads and make the lead generation process more efficient using HubSpot.”

Will Clanfield, Director, Residence Experience Marketing at Zego (Previously Senior Director of Marketing at Mobile Doorman)

Mobile Doorman | 97 Switch

Email Marketing

The development of Mobile Doorman’s email marketing strategy was as equally important as the digital ad plan. Mobile Doorman had already collected a list of emails from web traffic, industry events, and conferences, but they were not properly utilizing them. After implementing paid ads, we were able to build their list of contacts and strengthen their email marketing outreach. Mobile Doorman’s email campaigns helped them reach users about novel product features, industry news, and upcoming conferences and events. When Mobile Doorman saw the positive impacts of their email marketing efforts, including receiving more qualified leads, they decided it was in their best interest to increase their marketing endeavors. Part of this included hiring another full-time member to their internal marketing team and expanding some of the strategies being implemented, such as email marketing.

97 Switch helps Mobile Doorman build for successful exit

By focusing on attaining qualified leads, our services for Mobile Doorman helped contribute to their success as a B2B real estate software company and eventual merger with Proptech industry leader, Zego.

Explore the services that are helping Mobile Doorman grow.

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