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Let Your Website Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a primal form of communication and a vast component of website design. Telling the right story will introduce, engage and establish your identity so that you can effectively convey your message. That is why being authentic, true to your own experiences and voice, will help you stand out from all the noise online.

Follow these 4 steps for success:

  • Be Simple: Consumers need to understand your message without any ambiguity. With direction and clarity, your story will draw attraction and have people wanting more.
  • Be Authentic: Let your personality show online. It is a lot easier to sell when the customer does not feel as though he or she is dealing with a salesman! Share your story, don’t sell.
  • Transition Wisely: The progression of your story and message should be clearly outlined in a way that allows the reader’s thoughts to flow. Think of a movie or book: the transition between pages, scenes and chapters keep the viewer engaged and eager for more.
  • Focus On Credibility, Not Credentials: People want to know that your message is credible. To gain credibility, your site should offer information from real life observations that they can’t find elsewhere. It’s not about the fancy letters after your name, but rather your experience and passion to share. The more you share, the greater the connection you can build with others.

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Jeremy Greenberg
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