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theWit | Downtown Chicago hotel rebrands with website

theWit | Downtown Chicago hotel rebrands with website


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theWit, a 4-star hotel in downtown Chicago, is an homage to creativity and expression. It needed to share its multi-sensory experience online more than ever.

theWit came to us with the challenge to differentiate their hotel’s online presence from their generic brand site and from the website that they currently had. They wanted a beautiful vanity website that accurately portrays their unique offerings.

theWit’s rebranding goals

Located in the heart of the city’s theatre, arts and shopping district, right next door to the historic Chicago Theatre, theWit needed to highlight their iconic location on their new website. Its recent upgrades and renovations – event areas, newly refurbished rooms, restaurants and its rooftop venue – also needed to be reflected on their new site to encourage potential guests. With so many details to add, they requested a brand new website – one that reflected its award-winning service and was easier to use. In working to reimagine theWit’s website, we strived to display their hotel’s beauty and uniqueness to allow potential guests to easily visualize their stay there.

Working with the team

While managing this project, we worked together with the general manager, marketing team, and sales team at theWit. We asked their team members for feedback and worked with them to decide the best strategy based on their goals.

TheWit Hotel | 97 Switch
TheWit Hotel | 97 Switch


To encourage more bookings and give potential guests a better sense of theWit, we decided to center their new website around the hotel’s iconic location and imagery, highlighting its unique advantages and offerings.

Highlighting location

Since theWit is located in downtown Chicago, we wanted to feature its iconic locale. We thought about why the location was iconic and were inspired by the lyrics, “On State Street, that great street,” from Frank Sinatra’s famous song “Chicago.” These lyrics inspired us to use images of famous views near the hotel, such as sights of the Chicago Theatre, Millennium Park, and the Chicago River.

TheWit Hotel | 97 Switch
TheWit Hotel | 97 Switch

Utilizing imagery

theWit’s website needed to properly illustrate the hotel’s remarkable features. In particular, we chose to utilize oversized photo sizes. We also employed detailed photos, so that people viewing the website would be able to see glimpses of some of the hotel’s most attractive characteristics. The images on theWit’s website work to give justice to the hotel’s exciting and elegant spaces.

Focusing on conversion

Ultimately, theWit’s new website was designed to convert customers. During the process of redesigning the website, we decided to prioritize room and event bookings, while still balancing showcasing the hotel’s luxurious features and location. To help accomplish this, we optimized the RFP form submission process for event bookings by placing call to actions in convenient places for users to see on the website. Likewise, we also needed to make it easy for someone to book a hotel room on the site. We added a “Reservations” button to the header on each page so that users can easily book a room, no matter where they are on the site. To make the button stand out, we simplified the surrounding header layout by only using basic features, like a hamburger menu and logo.

TheWit Hotel | 97 Switch

97 Switch helps theWit stay on top

theWit’s new website emphasizes its iconic location, beautiful rooms, and outstanding service. The new website’s design helps the hotel remain one of the top hotels in downtown Chicago. Their entire team has been impressed with how the website has helped to convert sales by better showing the location, spaces, and services. In addition, the hotel’s marketing team shared that they heard positive reviews after the site launched from guests and other employees.

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