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6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies To Implement

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

Developing a digital marketing strategy for your business is essential, especially if you want to keep up with your competitors. A digital marketing strategy can help your company achieve marketing objectives and increase sales. It sets your business apart from the competition and allows you to best identify how to get your message out to audiences through a variety of digital channels. It also can expand your audience and allow you to further identify your audience’s needs and interests. Companies that have a distinguished marketing plan and consistently measure their efforts see 60% faster growth than businesses without a marketing plan.

Obviously, it is important for any company to actualize a digital marketing strategy. Picking the right digital marketing strategy can help raise your company to the next level and further achieve your marketing goals. However, it can be difficult to know which specific strategies your business should use and focus on. The world of digital marketing is constantly changing, which is why we’ve created a list of 6 vital digital marketing strategies for your business to start implementing today. 

Focus on blogging

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

Blog posts have continued to remain the most popular form of content in recent years. They can generate leads and bring traffic to your website. Furthermore, blogs can bolster your company’s social media presence and help you rank with long-tail keywords. Regularly updated blogs can help users find your website more easily on search engines.

Blogs should be both appealing and informational, as well as preserve your target audience. Research and use relatable keywords within blogs to boost your website’s SEO. You might want to consider hiring a graphic designer to create attractive visuals to make your company’s blog stand out and appear more professional.

Make your website mobile-friendly

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

Mobile optimization is no longer optional, it is essential. Statistics support this—57% of consumers said that they wouldn’t recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website. Mobile optimization entails a website’s speed, design, and other common search engine optimization practices. All of these things contribute to users having a great experience on your website. 

Review your website’s mobile design and email templates to make sure that it is mobile-friendly. Remember, nearly half of users will stop using a website on a mobile device if they find content is useless or the layout is complicated. 

Invest in ecommerce

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to ImplementCompanies are investing more heavily than ever in ecommerce because online sales have grown exponentially as the world has changed. In 2020, consumers spent 44% more online than in 2019, the highest annual U.S. ecommerce growth in at least two decades. Online storefronts give people a convenient way to shop at home, as well as find deals, research brands, and explore product options. 

In 2021, ecommerce is continuing to grow, and users still expect to have a positive experience while purchasing products or services online. To further invest in ecommerce, consider using a platform like Shopify or BigCommerce. If you choose to invest in an ecommerce platform, your business will be able to grow since more people are making purchases online than ever before.

Improve search engine optimization (SEO) 

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

If you’ve been ignoring or prolonging updating your website’s SEO, then now is the time to make a change. SEO is the practice of improving a website so that it becomes search engine friendly, which in turn can bring more traffic to your website. 

One way you can increase your website’s SEO is by utilizing keywords and title tags. In fact, Google’s top 10 results contain 65% to 85% of the keywords that they’re ranking for in their title tag. 

Another way you can focus on improving your website’s SEO is by focusing on getting more backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites to your site. They are useful because they give your content more authority. When other websites link to your site, it shows users and search engines that it is more credible. By getting links from other trustworthy and relevant websites, it helps SEO by further showing the importance of the keyword. Pages with lots of backlinks rank above pages that don’t have as many—in fact, the #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than the positions #2 through #10. 

Internal linking also continues to be a successful way to increase a website’s SEO, so don’t neglect it. Internal links help people navigate between different pages on your website. For example, a link back to your homepage, or to another page on your website, would be an internal link. In general, internal links help keep visitors on your site longer as they engage with additional content, as well as improve site navigation. One easy way to increase internal links is by adding them to your blogs. 

Lastly, note that short URLs work better—one analysis of 11.8 million Google search results found that short URLs are better than long URLs in terms of search engine optimization. 

Prioritize social media marketing

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

It’s easy to let social media marketing slide as a priority, especially if you haven’t seen instantaneous results from it in the past. However, social media marketing should still be a priority since you can utilize it to draw people to your website, generate leads, sell your products or services, and provide customer service. Plus, over 3.6 billion people use social media globally, with this number projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025.

There are a variety of ways you can create a social media marketing strategy, including using certain social media platforms, tracking metrics, learning about your target audience, and researching your competitors’ social media channels. It can help to do a social media audit when first starting out, and then again later on. This way, you’ll be able to see what needs to change with your social media marketing plan. Social media provides an excellent opportunity for companies to be creative with content, so don’t be afraid to be innovative.

Experiment with email marketing 

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

With over 144 billion emails sent every day, email marketing is still one of the top marketing channels. In fact, email can still be more effective than Facebook and Twitter in some cases. One test showed that emails were able to convert new customers better than Facebook and Twitter. In the test, out of 300,000 new customers, 50.8% were reached by email, compared to 26.8% for Twitter and 22% for Facebook. 

Emails provide a way for companies to market to potential and existing customers. To fully make use of email marketing, make sure to tailor your email messages to your target audience. You’ll also want to make sure that the message is entertaining, educational, and interesting. You can test emails’ subject line length, as well as the times you send emails at to see what works best. By employing an email marketing strategy, you’ll be able to boost clicks to your website.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy

6 Vital Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement

Now that you’re up to date on some of the most essential digital marketing strategies, it’s time to make a plan. Talk with your team or marketing agency about how you can best leverage these strategies. Consider which strategy would work best for your business. Think about the products or services that your company offers and choose which strategy would best accomplish your marketing objectives. Write down the steps you will take to achieve your goals. Using these top digital marketing strategies can help take your company to the next level. 

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