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5 Apps Marketers Should Use

5 Apps Marketers Should Use

In the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing, new tools come out each year that can refine and improve your process. Online platforms and mobile apps are at the forefront of the marketing process. Looking into marketing tools is an endless search. Whether you’re looking for quicker ways to produce quality content or need tools to improve your analytics, there are hundreds of viable options competing for your attention.

In such a crowded marketplace, we’ve picked out five apps that all marketers should use. The process of improving your writing, managing social media, and optimizing your website will be easier with these tools at your disposal. 



Hootsuite is a dashboard that can be the one-stop place for managing your social media accounts. Navigating social media across multiple platforms can be tricky. It’s not easy to plan out a consistent schedule across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other apps and follow through effectively. 

Utilizing Hootsuite will enable you to plan out social media posts well in advance. The clean, organized design of the calendar will ensure you’re on top of your posting schedule and never have gaps in your content. You are also able to communicate with customers directly through Hootsuite rather than spending time switching from one social media app to the next.



It can be difficult to keep your content ideas fresh and interesting for long periods of time. BuzzSumo can solve this problem for content marketers. The platform will help you track trends in your industry and keep you informed on which topics are getting traction online. This information can keep your blog schedule and other content areas full of interesting topics that get traction. 

BuzzSumo can also be utilized as a public relations tool. Marketers can use the BuzzSumo monitoring tool to input their business’ name and scan the internet for what’s being said about them across social media, online forums, and other areas. Doing so can help you collect a valuable stream of feedback for your business and find endless testimonials to utilize in your marketing materials.



Grammarly is a powerful spelling and grammar checker that goes beyond correcting basic errors. The app is customizable based on the objective of your writing and how formal you want the tone of your writing to be.

Any piece of text that Grammarly scans will be provided with vocabulary enhancements and an advanced grammar check. The app will also scan the internet for repetitions to ensure that you didn’t forget to cite a source or provide credit. Any website copy, blog posts, or social media caption should go through this process to ensure your writing is sharp and error free



Canva can be a powerful solution for marketers who aren’t graphic designers but still want to create clean, visually appealing designs. The layout on Canva is well-suited to create flyers, infographics, or any other content to be used as a social media post, blog image, or graphic on your website. 

The team access feature means you can collaborate with others on your images and projects in a similar manner to Google Drive. Additionally, there are hundreds of pre-made templates available to make your job easier. These templates are often already customized to fit on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media apps. 

Using Canva can be a great way to create simple, quality designs. If you have more complicated needs or want to take your graphic design to the next level, consider hiring an agency with experienced graphic design professionals



Semrush is one of the most effective search engine optimization tools available. The app will take the guesswork out of finding effective keywords. Using the Keyword Magic Tool will enable you to see what works and what doesn’t by accessing the monthly search volume, average cost per click, the top sites visited from, and other useful metrics of given keywords. 

You can also use the app to audit your competitors and learn important takeaways. The organic research tool will help you pick out which of your competitors’ keywords are getting them traffic, which can help uncover underutilized areas in your own strategy.

Using these tools on a regular basis will give you a powerful understanding of what draws clicks in your industry and how you can move up the search engine ranks. Effective use of Semrush can revamp your SEO process and take it to a higher level. 


Key takeaways

Key TakeawaysWhether you specialize in a single area of digital marketing or are looking to improve your process as a whole, these tools will make your job easier. From finding effective keywords to improving your writing, utilizing these apps on a regular basis will take the errors out of your work and lead to a more efficient marketing process. 

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